School Library

The library is a place for every pupil to read for pleasure, do homework and carry out research.

The Library aims to:

  • Support the curriculum with printed and electronic resources.
  • Encourage an enjoyment of reading for pleasure and for information by providing a wide range of fiction and non-fiction resources.
  • Provide a pleasant quiet environment for private and individual study.

The library is open:
Break and lunch times to all students
Form Time (with the permission of your form tutor)

The Library has a wide range of fiction, non-fiction and reference books to support the student curriculum, for general interest and to encourage reading for pleasure. The library facilities at YDS give students the opportunity to obtain information from electronic and printed sources. There are four computers in the Library that are connected to the school network with Internet access. Current and recent copies of The Independent, The Western Telegraph and The County Echo are available in the library.

It is organised in almost the same way as a public library. You may borrow a book for 2 weeks. It is important to return it on time. If the Librarian is not in the library please put it in the pink box outside the door. Look after any book in your possession. Keep it clean and tidy for the next borrower.

Always ask for help if you can’t find the book you want. Books that are not in the school library can be ordered and picked up for you, if available, from the public library situated in St. David’s Town Hall.