Duke of Edinburgh Scheme

The DofE provision in Ysgol Dewi Sant has for 12 years been the most productive of any school in Pembrokeshire….26% of school leavers have been DofE Award recipients, double Pembrokeshire’s average of 13%…..in short, Ysgol Dewi Sant should be considered an outstanding beacon of excellence where the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award is concerned.

Dave Sommerville, Duke of Edinburgh Co-Ordinator for Pembrokeshire

At YDS the DofE Award runs at the 3 levels; Bronze, Silver and Gold. Pupils can register for their Bronze award at the end of Year 9 and start training for their expeditions in school in Year 10. Silver Award runs through Year 11 and the Gold Award is started by the Year 12 students and can be completed any time before their 25th birthday.

The Award involves various sections, physical (sporting activity), a service (voluntary activity), a skill (learning a new skill or taking an existing one to a higher level) and an expedition. At Gold there is also a residential section. The table below shows more detail.

Section Bronze
(One section must be 6 months)
(Two sections must be 6 months)
(Two sections must be 12 months)
Physical 3 or 6 3 or 6 6 or 12
Skill 3 or 6 3 or 6 6 or 12
Service 3 or 6 6 12
Expedition 2 days, 1 night 3 days, 2 nights 4 days, 3 nights

The Award, in school, is run completely by volunteers who give up their lunchtimes and weekends to make it a success.

The Duke of Edinburgh Scheme can help significantly with your University UCAS points.

If you are interested in taking one of the Duke of Edinburgh Awards, please speak to Mrs Blair or Mrs Morton.

This year`s Silvers on a Winter Wonderland expedition.

Certificates for our successful participants.

A rainy day on a D of E qualifying expedition.