Sport at YDS

Although we are a small school, we take great pride in the participation and achievement of our students in a wide variety of team and individual sports.
Please find to follow the current YDS PE and AYP Clubs for the Academic Year 2017 2018
The Physical Education curriculum is extensive. The pitch provision allows for hockey, rugby, soccer and cross-country in the winter and athletics, rounders, cricket and outdoor activities in the summer. Hardcourt space is used for netball, tennis and training activities. The Sports Hall is used for dance, gymnastics, weight-lifting, fitness training, basketball, indoor football, table tennis and many other activities. Physical Education is also available as an option at both GCSE and Advanced levels.
Activities are also offered at both a competitive and recreational level, with many competitive fixtures being arranged in a variety of team sports. The school has a successful record in inter-school matches and teams participate regularly at rugby, soccer, tennis, golf, swimming, hockey, cricket, netball, cross-country and athletics. A large number of students have gained county, regional and national sporting honours.
The school expects all students to take part in Physical Education, which is a compulsory element of the curriculum. Permanent practical exemption is only permissible when a medical certificate is submitted. Students may be excused temporarily only when a written request is made by parents.
Please see the Extra Curricular PE 5×60 Clubs sheets for a timetable to extra-curricular clubs that take place as Ysgol Dewi Sant.